Web Design

Let us help you to build or improve your internet presence.

If you think your existing website is just feeling a little tired or you have an exciting idea for an entirely new website… we can help you build a web presence that will get your business noticed on the internet.

We frequently recommend WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) for the more typical SMB websites. WordPress often provides the perfect solution for SMB organizations because it’s a flexible, easy-to-use platform that can be easily updated to meet your changing needs. Another advantage of utilizing WordPress is that it lowers the overall cost of website design & development when commonly available professionally designed (and customized) templates & plugins are used to fast track the process.

In addition, we also develop large custom scripted websites with dynamic interfaces leveraging databases and complex web form data entry. Leveraging such tools as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Javascipt, jQuery, JSON & Ajax.

We would enjoy having the opportunity to collaborate with you on your website design wants & needs.

Sample Portfolio

A small sampling of some of our recent web site design work…

A WordPress & E-commerce site developed for a Native American Artist located in Arizona.

A WordPress site developed for an asphalt repair company located in Round Rock, Texas.

A WordPress site developed for a Water Supply Corporation located in Lee County (Giddings), Texas.

A WordPress site developed for an International Accounting Consultant located in Austin, Texas.

A WordPress site developed for company that uses live camels to educate the public about the history of camels in America. They also conduct guided camel treks (tours) in the Big Bend area as well as Egypt/Sinai/Jordan.

A registration portal for managing a National Basketball Tournament for Lutheran Middle Schools held each year in Valparaiso, Indiana.

This is an example of a heavily customized HTML/javascript site that maintains a database of teams/players, collects registration fees, and manages tournament brackets.

One of my oldest (and most neglected personal web sites). This site is a simple PHP/HTML site I created about 15 years ago to share my personal postcard collection with the people of Austin, Texas. If you enjoy Austin history or just want a glimpse of what Austin looked like 50 or 100 years ago then you will find this site enjoyable.

If you are interested in allowing us to help your business create or improve your internet presence then please Contact Us so we can discuss your internet business plans.

Providing a broad scope of Website Design options from WordPress to custom scripted HTML5, database integrated, forms driven sites.